Over the years some businesses have grown averse to the concept of Salesforce Automation (SFA), either because of less than optimal implementation or due to a non-friendly user interface. Either or both of these aspects combined with the high cost of SFAs can deter businesses from trying them, and benefitting from the numerous aspects that SFAs are capable of handling with little to no human intervention. However, all of this changed when KOOPS Salesforce Automation came into the picture. In a rather short span of time, KOOPS has grown to become the preferred choice for businesses, both large and small, owing to some of the intrinsic benefits it offers. 

If you too happen to be on the lookout for a Salesforce Automation System that has the potential to become the backbone of your sales team and help improve the bottom line of your business, then read on to know why KOOPS SFA is your best bet and that of the 12,000+ users that are already hooked to it! 

  • Trustworthy Security

End to End encryption and secured cloud is the foundation of data security, and our team at KOOPS has a sound understanding of that. Our SFA is designed to help our customers easily avert any and all risks of data breaches. 

  • Swift Implementation

A great software can only prove its worth when it can be used seamlessly by one and all, and KOOPS Mobile Sales Force Automation Software helps organisations experience just that. Simple UI for a seamless switch and hassle-free experience all along is one of the primary reasons why hundreds and thousands of users have grown to like the SFA almost instantaneously.

  • Dependable Customer Support

A well-designed and time-tested implementation process combined with a reliable support staff ensure the successful implementation and use of KOOPS SFA across the board. Our clients have always been appreciative of the fact that our support team is with them at every step of the way so that they can use the SFA in the most efficient manner and grow more than just comfortable with its applications and beyond!

  • Efficient Real-Time Sales Monitoring

KOOPS SFA is designed to help project managers and sales supervisors to view field visits of the sales team and manage the team’s performance with ease. Right from checking the locations of the salespersons to tracking their real-time working, the real-time monitoring feature helps them do it all!  In the long run, this helps make the sales process much more efficient!

  • Increased Productivity

The use of KOOPS SFA helps reduces the quantum of manual entry, thereby saving the precious time of the sales teams. It also enables the provision of timely reports involved in the process, which in turn improves productivity. The time and resources saved as a result of the same can also help enhance the overall profitability of the business – an aspect that clients truly cherish.

  • Increased Transparency

KOOPS SFA enables organisations to closely monitor every sales activity thereby reducing any chances of discrepancy in the process. It facilitates the managers to keep an eye on every move of the sales team from a respectable distance, such that they don’t end up feeling watched over or threatened.

  • Access to Detailed Analytics

orders, visits, sales team performance – you name it, we have it! With KOOPS SFA, our clients have access to elaborate analysis of each aspect of the sales process, which helps them get a bird’s eye view of the problem areas, and enables them to work on improving the same. 

  • Increased ROI

A well-designed SFA like KOOPS helps drastically reduce the operational expenses and overhead costs, which in turn, result in increased ROI, making it an investment that most businesses are inclined to make sooner rather than later. 

  • Centralized Data and Communication

Our SFA is designed to help businesses organize and streamline the sales process such that all the important data is centralized. Not only does this give easy access to the requisite information to the sales team, but will also help them stay on top of things without any additional effort!

  • Eliminates Unnecessary Paperwork 

When using KOOPS SFA, businesses can make use of their web and mobile devices to process sales activities, and save countless hours of manual work. This is effectively one of the most imperative benefits of Sales Force Automation in CRM Security and arguably the most praised. 

  • Automatic Reporting

The SFA enabled automatic marking of the attendance of employees from mobile devices, even when they are on the field. This helps save time reserved for manual reporting, thereby leading to increased man-hours as well as some much needed peace of mind for all involved.

We hope that you now know why KOOPS SFA is gaining incredible popularity amongst large, mid-sized and small enterprises alike! 

  1. Is KOOPS SFA a cost-efficient system for a small business enterprise like mine?

That’d be an absolute yes! KOOPS’ SFA is an efficient Salesforce Location Tracking System that you can use completely free of charge for up to 20 employees! 

  1. Which are some of the businesses that use KOOPS SFA?

KOOPS Salesforce Automation is being used by numerous esteemed businesses across India, some of which are mentioned below –

  • Yes Bank Ltd.
  • Future Group – Aadhar Wholesale Trading & Distributionn Ltd. 
  • Adani Spices
  • Actionware Quality Products
  • Sheetal Ice-cream
  • Waterflo Pipes and Fittings


“Very good app and support. Using it for more Than 3 years and thay are giving very good new features update regularly.”

– PMC Wire

“Excellent. Using this App from Version One. Very useful, easy to use, customer friendly, updated and what not. They keep giving updates every now and then to make busy-ness simplified (Truly they adhere to their caption). Keep it up – Team KOOPS”

– Deepesh Goyal

“A wonderful Application in lowest budget. If you’re from FMCG or IT company and you wants to track your sales guy within your budget it’ll definitely for you. Thank you KOOPS for making my work so easy #happy”

“Good app for online order processing it has good location tracking of sales team company can send msg to all team within 1 click.”

– Vegad Sumit

“One of the best in market.”

– Dhaval Manvar

“Nice app. Simple in design. Effective planning of leads, good tracking of orders and customers.”

– Manas Ranjan Nayak

“Very helpful and great insights for my sales and sales team.”

Nitin Doshi

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