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Khyati Stationery

Khyati-India is a manufacturer of stationery items. Established in 1958 as a small retail outlet has now grown rapidly.


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Nebula Surgical

Nebula Surgical Pvt. is a leading manufacturer of surgical products, took shape into a large business house with establishments in various locations in India.

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Actionware India

Actionware India Pvt. Ltd. is created with the novel idea of continuously providing qualitative product range viz.

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We partner with the best service providers to make sure that our customers reach their goals. If you have some useful product to be integrated and will offer extended services to our customers, we welcome you to become our integration partner.


What Makes KOOPS Great for Your Business?

Activity Tracking

When it comes to keeping a track of where every sales team member is with their respective customers, KOOPS comes in fairly handy. The Field Force Automation software helps link CRM to calendar and even emails, thus ensuring that the progress with each client is duly noted, and is readily available for assessment as and when required. Not only does the daily sales report app ensure that the sales team is on its toes with respect to the next action that needs to be taken, but it also enhances the chances of successfully closing the deals.

Sales Process Automation

There are various parts of a sales process such as following up with a client after the pitch meeting, filling up the details of a prospective client on the CRM, and regular notifications to the sales team pertaining to impending client calls or meetings can be easily automated, Not only does this ensure consistency in the process, but enhances the success prospects of the sales team. Of course, our order-taking app for salesmen also lets the client know how much you truly appreciate them. Now, that is what we call a win-win.


We know, we know! SalesForce Automation in CRM can prove to be somewhat heavy on the pocket. That said, once the software is up and running, you will witness a sharp drop in the cost per sale. Since the software enables your team to work more efficiently, while eliminating any downtime or other such lags with the help of CRM with location tracking, the sales process becomes much more cost-effective. And you know it as well as we do, when manual tasks are automated costs come down astoundingly fast.

Lasting Relationships

KOOPS enhances your ability to locate each one of your customers and contacts with incredible ease. Besides, this sales order app for android helps you communicate instantly and more importantly, seamlessly. And you don’t need us to tell you quick and consistent communication is the foundation of every great relationship.

Team Collaboration

A centralized hub is often what every organization needs in order to enjoy a clear picture of all ongoing customer interactions and possible leads. For what it’s worth, this easy-to-use app for sales team offers an impeccably interactive way to treat your squad, while ensuring they are on the top of their game from the very start.

In-Depth Knowledge

Right from prioritizing leads to closing deals, from tracking sales to automating processes and more - all of it can be taken care of when you have access to the valuable insights from your past and ongoing business functions, Our distributor order taking app detailed reports and analysis is all you need to take your business to the next level.

Customized Insights

Not just any insight, with sales order app you can customize the fields that you need insights on, and therefore have access to the data that can facilitate the growth of your business, in a direction that you want. Now, that’s what we call – ‘Power in Your Hands’.

Survey with an Edge

Creating automated survey has never been as easy as it is with KOOPS. Thanks to the expansive CRM, you can generate leads, create survey and integrate the same with your sales. What’s more? You can also automate the daily workflow process in your organization, thereby enhancing both – efficiency and productivity. It isn’t without some compelling reasons that KOOPS plays varied roles of Distributor Order Taking App, Field Force Tracking App, FMCG Order Booking App, and Sales Order Booking App for varied clients and comes at the top every single time. If you wish that your business had Sales, Distribution, Expansion and Integration nailed down, then KOOPS is the only solution that you must be looking at. After all, it is essentially the foundation on which your teams can collaborate, communicate and eventually conquer every possible deal, and help your business scale the heights of success, today and for years to come.

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