Dealer & Distributor Mng. System

Easiest way to manage your field staff

Easy communication & order management

Distributor Management System India

3 Reason to try DMS

Improves the point of sales performance in all the sectors

Manage your network effectively

Manage all level of customers and their respective working effectively

Let app do the talking

From product to price list, Order to dispatch, everything through app

Transparent communication

Every minute details will reach to your all levels of customer. No miss communications and lost of data.

Explore! you will love it

Handling sales, and Distributor associations will help to plan, organize and execute operations

customer ordering app

Improve order efficiency

Improves order managing activities for Distributor and dealer both, which directly smoothens sales flow.

No time consuming activities

Automated ordering system for dealers & distributors makes it easy to place order, reducing order time between the them.

Area-wise sales management

It smoothens the workflow between the sales departments and area-wise distributors.

Supply chain planning

Even retailer can track movement within the supply chain saving both time and money of the entire team.

Monitoring dealers requirement

Sales report ,order report, etc. provides significant information to keep track of which products are needed in which area.

Improve dealer competency

Targets on customer satisfaction and sales by improving dealer competency and efficiency.

Integrated with

Features users love

Keep track of items given for sales to Distributors and their respective dealers

tally ordering app


Provides your customers with the most up-to-date product information, pricing and images.

Order management

Manage and process orders coming from all sales channels within one interface, which also includes order notifications and status updates to ensure timely order and delivery.


Messaging feature between customer and staff makes communication easiest and transparent.

News and announcements

Offers, new product launch and other important media notifications can be circulated in entire network with one click.

Timely reports

Analysis and reports of orders helps you see your business trends efficiently, and lets you get summary of actions required to increase your sales.

Payment processing

Any payments or outstanding amount paid can be added by your customer, which will be shown in your software.

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