Customer Relationship Management

CRM Made, Easy

CRM Made, Easy

best crm software

3 Reason to try CRM

Provides security, easy to use features & best support.

It's Secure

End to End encryption and secured cloud increases your data security, which is our prime concern.

Easiest to Implement

Simple UI which makes it easy to use and makes sure that no training required. Its as easy as whatsapp or email.

Excellent Support

Our well designed implementation process and support staff ensures the success of each project.

And some more...

Lead prioritization made, Easy

Not all leads are created equal. Keep your sales team focused on the highest value leads and deals.

Enable a mobile sales team

Close deals fast -at the office or on the road. Access and update your data anytime with KOOPS Sales mobile app.

Do not just view, act

Intelligence to act on the next best step. Smart Notifications to stay on top of each and every task.

Stay Organized

Don't ask Excel. Smart Lists with smart filters will help you segment and filter your opportunities in real-time so you can stay organized.

Spend less time in spreadsheets and more time selling

Track tasks, visits, and meetings automatically from the mobile app. Collect and sync data right from the field.

Less Tools, More Time

Forget trying to get work done in ten tabs at once. Click to call, schedule meetings, and view deal history all in one place.

Drive sales actions with data

Find quick and easy answers to questions like, "Which deals will close this month?” and "Which deals am I about to lose?” These insights are easy to find and share across your organization so you can improve your sales process.

See all your customer info in one place

Automatically pull data of leads from your spreadsheets, Indiamart and other platforms to get a single, 360-degree view of every customer and your whole business.

Sell faster with everything you need on one screen

Easily follow up on leads, identify key contacts, and more.

Integrated with

Features users love

Sreamline your workflow, and optimize your entire sales process


Gather leads

Store all your leads in one place so everyone in your team can access at any time. Import it using excel or through our APIs.

360° Visibility

Keep a history of all your interactions with all your leads like notes, tasks, calls, deals and proposals.

Smart bifurcation

With our dynamice table display and powerful custom fields, you can always bifurcate and filter your leads according to your needs.

Convert leads to customers

Convert all your leads to customers whenever your team converts deal into order.


Smart Workflow

Smart Planning

Check all the assigned activities of your team and plan next actions and schedule your daily work based on most important activities. Advance reports to help you achieve your goals.

Auto SMS/Mail

Create custom SMS/Mails and send them automatically on your defined events.

Smart Activities

Schedule and assign activities between your team members. Track, log and analyze the activities of your team through our advanced reports.

Smart Notifications

Get notifications on mobile and web of each of your tasks and smart snooze buttons to remind again.

Task Management

Deal Management

Sales pipeline management

Set pre-defined sales pipelines for deals. Setup specific stages for each pipeline. Deal Lost and Won are predefined stages so that powerful analysis of pipelines can be done in reports.

Customize stages

Customize your pipeline by adding description on stages.

360° Visibility

View all the information like pending and done tasks, notes, logs, etc.of a particular deal on a single screen.

Lost reasons

Define lost reasons and analyze which are the major reasons for losing the deals and improve your sales.

Convert deals to orders

Define your catalogues and make deals out of it. Convert won deals into orders from a single click.

Deal Management

More than 3800+ users trust KOOPS's CRM

Pricing plans

Choose the right plan for your business

15000 per year


  • Unlimited Tasks
  • Unlimited Leads (360 degree view)
  • Unlimited Deals
  • Multiple Deal Pipelines
  • Unlimited Customers
  • Unlimited Products
  • Visit & Feedback Management
  • Location tracking
  • Auto SMS and Mail
  • Attendance Management
  • Leave Management
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