Inventory Management System

Smart and Easy way of Inventory Management.

Smart and Easy way of Inventory Management.


3 Reason to try IMS

Spend lesser time in managing day to day inventory operations.

Smart working dashboard

Do all the day to day inventory operations from a single screen.

One click operations

Generate multiple Purchase orders and Work jobs in sigle click.

Low stock alerts!

Low stock products highlighted with color marks.

And some more...

Smart inventory dashboard

Get a bird eye view of entire inventory of the organisation with quick on the go operation.

Multi location warehouses

Manage multilocation warehouse operation in a single admin panel.

No time consuming inventory entries.

Automate all the inventory operation with one click setups and barcodes to save precious time of the employee.

Improve production efficiency

Improves time & cost for production cycle which results in increase of profits.

Supply chain planning

Never go out of the raw materials with the smart low stock alerts and quick purchase order generation system.

Improve production/purchase planning

Based on real time sales order value, plan a perfect product quantity to purchase or produce.

Integrated with

Features users love

Keep track of inventory for raw materials, finished goods or intermidiate product parts.

Multiple Warehouses

Manage inventory at multiple location.

Multiple product units

Mange Product stock in multiple units. Also Packing units like box,cartoons etc supported with auto calculation.

Barcoded inventory operations

Manage all the in & out operations of products with barcode seamlessly. It supports Ean-13 barcodes as well as auto generation of unique barcode number with various methods.

Serial number wise inventory

Manage product inventory with unique auto serial number generation for each product as well as packed box/cartoons.

Batch/Lot management

Manage inventory Batch/Lot wise.

Manufacturing process management.

Manage inventory at each level of manufacturing process.

sales person ordering app

Bill of Material management

Manage product recipe for finished goods and product parts with hierarchy.

Purchase order management

Generate purchase orders for the short stock raw materials in one click. Also keep track of timely delivery from vendors.

Production job management

Generate production order/job to keep track of complete production cycle with real time production consumption.

Raw material consumption

Generate production order/job to keep track of complete production cycle with real time production consumption.

Advanced reports

Advanced reporting method to analyse hostorical stock movements of the organisation.

sales force automation

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