Sales Force Automation

Easiest way to manage your field staff

Easiest way to manage your field staff


3 Reason to try SFA

Provides security, easy to use features & best support.

sales force automation in crm security

It's Secure

End to End encryption and secured cloud increases your data security, which is our prime concern.

salesforce automation tools implementation

Easiest to Implement

Simple UI which makes it easy to use and makes sure that no training required. Its as easy as whatsapp or email.

sfa softwate support system - Koops

Excellent Support

Our well designed implementation process and support staff ensures the success of each project.

And some more...

Real time Sales monitoring

Helps you view field visits of your sales team and manage team’s performance. You can check the locations for your salesperson and their real time working.

Increased Productivity

Reduces the amount of manual entry and saves your time by providing timely reports involved in the process, which in turn improves your productivity.

Transparency Increases and reduces fraudulence

No more benefits of doubts or frauds by your sales team, as our product provides the best easiest way to monitor every sales activity.

Analytics to measure and improve

Gives you detailed analysis(with graphs) of orders, visits and sales team performance, which directs your organization towards the required way of improvement.

Reduces cost and Increases ROI

Drastically reduces your operational or overhead costs, which results in increase in ROI.

Centralized data and communication

Organize and streamline your sales process that helps you to keep your important data and process in centralized or one unified way.

Planning and Execution made easier

Guides you in how to take another move referring your reports, and appropriately makes your planning and execution easy.

Eliminate unnecessary paperwork and maintenance

Helps you use web and mobile devices to process sales activities, and save countless hours of manual work.

Automatic Reporting

Marks attendance of your employees automatically from mobile even on the field, without having to waste their time reporting manually.

Integrated with

Features users love

Sreamline your workflow, and optimize your entire sales process

Location tracking

Basic features

Effectively track your sales team location and their distance travelled on map, With minimum battery usage and maximum accuracy. Also ensures that your team utilize their time most productively while on the field.

Attendance management

Attendance can be marked directly on the app. Be it checkin or checkout, everything will be marked with their locations. Other details like working hours, distance travelled, late start and early leave can be known with its respective report.

Visit management

Track customer visits through the app. With detailed reports you can easily check feedback analysis and missed customers.

Route planning and execution

Create and assign beat plan to each of your users and get detailed report of their working on that particular beat plan.

sales person tracking

Order processing

Order processing system

Advance Order processing system which automatically assigns primary and secondary orders to the respective dispatcher.

Awesome catalog

Detailed product specification, product stock and price list to ensure your Sales team has every detail to crack a sale.

Payment collection

Invoice wise outstanding of each customer fetched from your current software will be shown and payment collection can be done respectively.

Dispatch orders

Orders can be dispatched with notifications sent to sales team and customers. Dispatched data can also be fetched from your current software.

Reports and analytics

Visual insights on pending dispatch reports, aging products and customer analytics will give you a actionable analytics.

sales person ordering app


Expense processing

A transparent reimbursement flow that provides relevant information for approving and rejecting a claim and lets your sales team see the status of their reimbursement claims.

Target based system

Set targets for the sales team and keep tab on those targets if achieved or failed, with detailed report of the same.

Import and exports

Import and export of data can be easily done using our integrations or excel.

Messaging and news notification

Information like company’s achievements, new product launches and scheme related information can be shared instantly with your staff. Also consists of One to many messaging system so that all messages sent and received can be viewed.

User hierarchy and right roles

Set of rights and roles for each employee and their reporting structure accordingly.

Offline working

KOOPS can be used irrespective whether you are connected to the Internet or not. The data gets auto synced whenever network is available.

sales force automation

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Pricing plans

Choose the right plan for your business

  • Unlimited Customers
  • Unlimited Tasks
  • Location Tracking
  • Visit & Feedback Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Leave Management
  • Geo Fencing / Geo Tagging
  • User Hierarchy
  • Expense Management
  • Custom Fields
  • Everything in Field Force Tracking+
  • Unlimited Products
  • Customer Hierarchy
  • Order Processing System
  • Payment Collection
  • Stock Management
  • Route Planning and Execution
  • Goal Setting
  • News and Notifications
  • Reimbursement Flow and Work Profile
  • Auto SMS and Mails