Khyati-India is a manufacturer of stationery items. Established in 1958 as a small retail outlet has now grown rapidly. Their product range contains stationery items, drawing and art instruments, and various paper products. A quality after sales service and its committed approach towards its clients has earned Khyati a network of 4000+ dealers in more than 200 cities across India and abroad.

Business model

Khyati’s main sales is done through the network of distributors and dealers who create product demand from time to time. These distributors/dealers then channel Khyati’s products through various shops across cities. In a stiff competing environment one of the only ways khyati would sustain the network was by appointing salespeople who would visit these dealers across India every few days and take down orders. This was a good method up until the question of scaling up. To scale up, the management had to track salespeople activity to understand if increasing the sales force would help. The management also wanted a solution to database the thousands of dealers which their sales force would create. They wanted to interact with them in a better way while reducing costs. This is when they contacted Kevalam Software.

KOOPS Benefit

  1. KOOPS enabled salesforce is equipped with facilities such as online product catalogue management on computer, tablet, and smartphone. This reduces 80% of their cost for marketing material.
  2. KOOPS helped the sales team at Khyati to instantly database new and existing dealers on their system and with the help of GPS they could easily track their location and save on commute time.
  3. Through KOOPS, Khyati’s management was able to track its sales force activities through GPS. They could track their daily performance on parameters such as products sold and new clients added. This helped their management in taking more informed decisions in relation to its sales team.
  4. As KOOPS enables two way communication, Khyati’s dealers could easily install this app on their phones to check out the catalogue and stay updated on product availability. Dealers can place an order through the same app and save time. Dealers can check the status of their orders and its dispatch detail.


KOOPS helped Khyati and its dealers increase confidence in each other. It further helped Khyati to constantly stay connected to its dealers and thus increased the turnover by stopping order leakages to other manufacturer’s due to lack of communication. The management decided to increase their sales team as they could better track their activities. The sales team at Khyati now stands at 8 times to what it was before installing KOOPS. For the right reasons, Khyati’s turnover has increased to 4 times and no of orders from 200 to more than 900 after Installing KOOPS.

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