What is a beat plan? Why is it important in sales and distribution management?

Importance of Beat Plan in Sales and Distribution Management

The FMCG sector is all about maintaining the right supply chain management. The retailers must be provided with the products on a regular basis for companies to carry out their businesses, and this can only be done through meticulous planning. To execute this plan and to ensure that al ...

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Why KOOPS is a Perfect Distribution Management Software for your Business?

b2b distribution management software

If you own or manage an FMCG business, you might be well aware of the fact that your company’s growth and success largely depends on your ability to read the market trends accurately, your inventory management, and more importantly, your supply chain management – which ensu ...

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Why do businesses need a Distributor Management System software for FMCG Brands?

Distributor & Consumer Management System for FMCG Brands In order for a Fast Moving Consumer Good (FMCG) to find its way to the end consumer, it has to go through a number of stages – starting from sourcing raw materials and manufacturing to packaging, reaching the wholesaler and e ...

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Enhance the Power of Distributor Management Software with CRM Integration


In the present-day scenario of increased use of technology and automation, Distributor Management Systems (DMS) have become a fundamental part of a vast majority of manufacturing businesses, especially those with a large distributor as well as retailer network, for instance, Pharmaceut ...

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Importance of Distributor Management System for Pharma Industry

importance of distribution management system

As intriguing, interesting, and promising as the pharma industry sounds, it isn’t always a cakewalk to manage the large retail sales channel that it entails. Most players in the pharma industry have found, much to their dismay, that at one point or the other their sales channels see a ...

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6 Steps for A Successful Distributor Management System Implementation

5 steps for dms implentation

Distribution Management System Implementation A Distribution Management System often known as DMS refers to the process of supervision of the entire supply chain including but not limited to orders processing, inventory tracking, supply management, packaging, warehousing, and other log ...

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