How SFA Intelligence for Surgical Manufacturers Streamline their Sales & Distribution Channel

sfa intelligence

The medical equipment manufacturing industry has been evolving at a rapid pace. And the recent global pandemic has shifted the focus on the industry like never before where it had to handle global demand and face challenges that were, hitherto, never heard of. Not only is it a highly-c ...

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How Sales Force Automation Can Help FMCG Companies Stay Afloat in This Volatile Market?

koops sfa for fmcg small business

The current business environment is extremely volatile. The world is still recovering from a global pandemic and the overall situation is still critical. In the face of this, customer behavior has also become quite unpredictable and their choices and buying patterns keep changing at a ...

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Why Every FMCG Manufacturer & Distributor Need Sales Force Automation System

sales force automation for fmcg manufacturers

Manufacturers and distributors of Fast Moving Consumer Goods of FMCG, as the category is popularly known, have numerous tasks on their hands. Right from ensuring adequate and timely production to quality control, from managing inventory to contacting suppliers, from creating a dependab ...

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Salesforce Automation – The Spine of Your Sales Team

Salesforce Automation - The Spine of Your Sales Team

What is Salesforce Automation? Salesforce Automation (SFA) is essentially a software that automates some of the most repetitive and time-consuming administrative tasks of the sales process. This ensures that the sales teams have more time and energy on their hands, and can focus on the ...

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