Importance of Distributor Management System for Pharma Industry

importance of distribution management system

As intriguing, interesting, and promising as the pharma industry sounds, it isn’t always a cakewalk to manage the large retail sales channel that it entails. Most players in the pharma industry have found, much to their dismay, that at one point or the other their sales channels see a ...

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Why Every FMCG Manufacturer & Distributor Need Sales Force Automation System

sales force automation for fmcg manufacturers

Manufacturers and distributors of Fast Moving Consumer Goods of FMCG, as the category is popularly known, have numerous tasks on their hands. Right from ensuring adequate and timely production to quality control, from managing inventory to contacting suppliers, from creating a dependab ...

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6 Steps for A Successful Distributor Management System Implementation

5 steps for dms implentation

Distribution Management System Implementation A Distribution Management System often known as DMS refers to the process of supervision of the entire supply chain including but not limited to orders processing, inventory tracking, supply management, packaging, warehousing, and other log ...

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Salesforce Automation – The Spine of Your Sales Team

Salesforce Automation - The Spine of Your Sales Team

What is Salesforce Automation? Salesforce Automation (SFA) is essentially a software that automates some of the most repetitive and time-consuming administrative tasks of the sales process. This ensures that the sales teams have more time and energy on their hands, and can focus on the ...

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Why Salesforce Employee Location Tracking System is a MUST for a Pharma Company

Importance of Sales Representatives for Pharma Companies Pharma companies in India employ over a whopping 6 lakh sales representatives, a fact which goes on to tell us the pivotal role that these representatives play in the industry. Not only do these representatives undertake the cruc ...

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